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Evaporator Coil Services in Framingham

Expert Care for Your Air Conditioner

Evaporator coils are the mainstay of a cooling system and with the improved coolant required now, greater strain is put upon a system to perform. Our expert technicians at Obie Comfort Solutions in Framingham, know what to look for to prevent small issues from becoming big problems later on down the line. If you’re ready to work with us, give us a call and ask about our evaporator coil services.

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The Benefits of Timely Evaporator Coil Repair

No matter how good the quality of your evaporator coils might be, you’ll need to think about maintenance checks and repairs at one point or other. With everything going on inside of your evaporator coils, wear and tear can seriously take their toll after a while. Investing in timely repairs can help you prevent serious problems later, and best of all you won’t have to immediately invest in a major replacement for your unit.

Even though you’ll likely need repairs long before you’ll need replacements, sometimes the wiser choice may be to invest in a completely new system. When your unit's age is affecting it so much that you must constantly invest in repairs that only seem to solve the problem for a few weeks. Investing in all new unit could save you the money that you’d be spending on these repairs, and you’ll have a more efficient system that will save you money on your energy bills.

Common Evaporator Coil Problems

  • Frozen coils: Warm air that comes into contact with the cold coils produces moisture, which can easily attract bacteria, dust, dirt and debris, among other problems. This moisture often cools to the point of freezing.
  • Clogged or blocked evaporator coils: The evaporator coils must remain clear and unblocked for the liquid air conditioning refrigerant to flow through them. The journey of the coolant through the coils is what converts it to a gas making it possible to cool the air that is filtered into the living spaces.
  • Obstructed cooling coils: If the cooling coil becomes blocked either by debris or ice, or if the coils are damaged, the airflow may become obstructed. Damaged, blocked or leaking coils will reduce the airflow and limit output. If Freon can leak from the system, this may also produce freezing.

Preventative Maintenance for Evaporator Coils

The first, simplest action to take in maintaining an AC system is in keeping the filters clean. Part of a routine program includes either cleaning or changing out old filters for new. As filters get clogged and dirty, they reduce efficiency. During the cooling season, this could be as often as once a month.

Blocked airflow to the return registers hampers the efficiency of a system. The air ducts need to be checked for obstructions and leaks to ensure there is no energy loss. We have the right testing equipment to locate leaks that are not so easy to find.

Basic annual cleaningis helpful in detecting small issues before they become major repairs. This includes evaporator and condenser coil cleaning. If yours is an outdoor system, be sure to keep at least two feet of foliage clearance from the unit and clean the leaves or debris that may collect through the seasons.

With minimal routine effort, AC systems will continue to provide the comfort of cooled air into your living spaces season after season. Maintaining optimal indoor air climate is conducive to good health and happiness in the home and makes home the most enjoyable place to be.

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