What in the world is a Heat Pump?

Don't worry!┬áIt's not a bomb. A Heat Pump looks a lot like a regular outdoor unit part of a central air conditioner. While I agree that ‘heat pump’ is a rather funny choice of name for this equipment it may be fit enough to help someone to understand its role. In simple words, the heat pump does the same thing as an air conditioner does with one exception - it can also heat your home.

Systems that heat and cool your home are about one thing - transferring heat from one place to another. When it’s hot inside your house you want to transfer the heat to the outside. When it gets cold inside of your house as it does during the winter time, you want the heat back inside.

Heat pumps and air conditioners heat and cool by compressing refrigerant. The compressed refrigerant dissipates heat into the air. The refrigerant is what is responsible for absorbing and dissipating heat into the atmosphere. During summer the system removes heat energy from inside of your home, thereby keeping it cool, whereas during the winter the heat pump reverses the process and heat is pumped inside of your home. So instead of taking heat energy from the home and dissipating it outside, it takes heat energy from the outdoor air and uses it to warm the inside of the house. Even when the air is cold, there is still heat energy.

Most heat pumps have a breaking point of 32 degrees. Below that, the heat pump doesn't really work. However, Bryant created a solution for this problem. A Bryant Evolution Extreme Heat Pump can work with temperatures around -13 Fahrenheit, yes -13 Fahrenheit. This Heat pump is a real breakthrough, an awesome product.

But not just the Bryant Extreme heat pump is worth looking at. Around Boston 66% of the time the temperature is above 32 degrees and this presents plenty of opportunities to save money with a heat pump. Even a conventional heat pump that's connected with the right indoor equipment and properly sized can save you thousands of dollars and increase indoor comfort.

Obie Comfort Solutions is proud to offer the complete line of Bryant equipment. Bryant is known for its top-quality, efficient and innovative products.