How to Prepare for a Possible HVAC System Shortage This Year

COVID-19-Related Shortages and How They Can Affect Your Home in Framingham

At Obie Comfort Solutions, we take pride in keeping our community prepared for the HVAC problems that might come your way, so you can keep your homes comfortable and cozy all year long. In doing so, we have been warning our community about the possibility of an HVAC system shortage this year so you can stay prepared, protect your budget, and protect your home.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our lives in a variety of ways, and although it might seem unlikely, our HVAC systems are no exception. In the HVAC community, we have seen a significant shortage in the availability of HVAC equipment needed to replace our customers’ current systems. This shortage can be attributed to a multitude of factors. For one, the stay-at-home orders caused a 30-60% uptick in business through the summer months of 2020. More homeowners were staying in their homes than ever before, and their systems needed to be optimized to keep up with their usage. While this means that more homes in the U.S. were getting the HVAC services they needed, it also means that manufacturers have been running short on their HVAC equipment and have been faced with a demand they were unprepared for.

We all remember the infamous days of the toilet paper shortage, where households across the U.S. were stocking up and staying in. The small components necessary for an HVAC system were seeing a shortage too, but these are not the kind of household items one would think to keep on deck. When COVID-19 rolled around and manufacturers saw an uptick in demand for these products, homeowners were not able to stock up on the supplies they needed, nor would it make sense to have extra HVAC components laying around. Instead, what happened was that we saw a shortage of some of the most popular sizes of equipment. This is a major problem because HVAC systems have many moving parts, and without one necessary part, the whole system can fail to work properly.

How to Be Proactive and Prevent HVAC Troubles

In trying to fix this problem, we are being proactive and stocking up on essential HVAC components. Sadly, your local HVAC technicians have a limited amount of control over what the suppliers have in stock. Many manufacturers are running low without a reasonable idea of when they will receive their next shipment. To get ahead of this issue, the best step you can take is to be proactive. If you think you will need air conditioning equipment this summer, we recommend acting now. Otherwise, the manufacturers might not have the equipment available for you until the end of the year. The last thing you want is to suffer through the summer heat without the HVAC equipment you need to stay comfortable. We would like to save you from this issue as well, and we are happy to perform inspections that will predict your future HVAC needs.

Not only will this keep your home at an ideal temperature, but it will prevent you from paying more than necessary. By nature, the pricing of HVAC equipment and services fluctuates based on what is set by the manufacturer. Due to increased demand and the need to employ more workers to get the equipment created, some manufacturers have already increased their prices three times this year. Sadly, we are expecting to see even more price increases before the summer, so the best way to save yourself money in the long run is to get the services you need sooner rather than later. This will help you stay ahead of the curve, stay comfortable, and stay in line with your budget. 

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