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Ductless Mini Split Systems in Ashland, MA

By: Oberlan Rosa June 29, 2015

Mitsubishi Mini Split

Mitsubishi Ductless mini split air conditioning and heating systems are becoming the more popular choice with homeowners because of their incredible benefits. Obie Comfort Solutions provides a full range of ductless mini split services, ductless mini split installation ductless mini split repair, and ductless mini split replacements in Ashland, MA. Our factory trained technicians are NATE–certified which means that they went through rigorous testing to prove that they are able to provide you with the quality of service that you deserve. Obie Comfort solutions is dedicated to its customers’ complete satisfaction, and to prove it, Obie Comfort Solutions offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our mini split services. Obie Comfort Solutions’ business is built on referrals from our customers. Obie Comfort Solutions has been awarded ANGIE’S LIST super service award and an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau year after year, plus many 5 star reviews on Google and Yelp. If you are interested in learning more about ductless mini split systems, call us to schedule an in-home consultation with us today!

The Ashland, MA ductless mini split experts at Obie Comfort Solutions offer you a high quality installation, repair, and replacement services throughout Ashland, Natick, Framingham, Holliston, and all of the Metrowest area.



What Are Ductless Mini Split Systems?

Ductless mini splits, as their name implies, don’t use ductwork like traditional central air conditioning. They provide efficient heat and cooling for your home with individual units mounted in each room throughout the house. Each indoor unit works as a separate zone and it is connected to an outdoor condenser via electrical and refrigerant lines.


Main benefits of Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split Systems 

The benefits that ductless mini split systems over the traditional central air conditioning and heating systems are:

More Energy Efficient - With standard AC and heating systems (furnaces and heat pumps), a big loss can occur when the cooled and heated air moves through the ducts. Ductless mini split deliver the heating and cooling on the spot where it is created eliminating losses all together.

More Zone Control - Imagine if you had only one switch to turn all the lights on at your house or only one control to turn on all the burners of your stove. That is exactly how your house is heated and cooled with a traditional central heating and air conditioning system. You have only one thermostat to control the temperature for the whole floor or sometimes for the whole house, but with Mitsubishi ductless mini splits you have the freedom to control each room independently so you heat and cool only the place that you are using.


Ashland, MA Ductless Mini Split Installation Services

When you call Obie Comfort Solutions for your ductless Mitsubishi mini split installation services in Ashland, MA, we will provide you with fast and quality service. We can suggest the best option that fits your home and your lifestyle. Ductless mini splits are no longer a solution to cool places where cooling couldn’t’t be accomplished with traditional central air conditioning. Mitsubishi mini splits have evolved to a whole home solution for not only cooling but also for heating with the new Mitsubishi Hyper heating systems. Traditional heat pumps start losing capacity at 32 degrees. With the new Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Technology, the system can still produce heat with full capacity and efficiency even when the temperature drops below zero. Mitsubishi Hyper Heat ductless mini splits are the best option for homeowners who currently heat the home with oil or have an older steam radiator system. Homeowners can reduce the money they spend to heat and cool their house by up to 60% when they install a ductless system. 

Massachusetts Ductless Mini Split Repair Services

We are a Mitsubishi Diamond dealer, which means we were extensively trained on the Mitsubishi ductless products, but our expertise is not just limited to Mitsubishi ductless products. We are also trained to work on LG ductless mini splits, Fujitsu ductless mini splits, Daikin ductless mini splits, Samsung, Sanyo, Hayer and others.

Rebates for Ductless Mini Splits

Obie Comfort Solutions works with MassSAVE and is a QIV certified contractor. Obie Comfort Solutions can help you with all available rebates and the ZERO percent financing offered by MassSAVE. We will help you with all the paperwork to make sure the process as is painless as possible. 

Obie Comfort Solutions is also a preferred contractor with the MASS CEC (Massachusetts Clean Energy Council). Because we have extensive experience processing rebate forms, we can help you get all the incentives and rebates available to you from the Mass CEC.



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Mitsubishi Mini Split