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HVAC for Server Rooms

By: Oberlan Rosa August 08, 2015

Mitsubishi Mini Split


The last thing you want to have is your server crashing due excessive heat, but most server rooms were originally designed to be nothing more than a broom closet, most old office buildings around Boston weren't designed with this need in mind, and you end up having to leave the door open so the room will have the same temperature of the hallway, which can lead to unauthorized people messing up with your equipment, somebody accidentally closing the door (causing it to overheat) or even people stealing your servers. Things that can be done to eliminate the problems are:



  1. Installing a large return grill allowing air to circulate inside of the room, usually one low and other one high, that way hot air will come out of high opening and cooler air comes in through the lower opening. In order to make it more efficient you can also add a fan to force the circulation, but depending on your cooling requirements you may have to add an air conditioning system.
  2. We have some clients that just bought a cheap window air conditioning from Home Depot or LOWE’S and it worked fine keeping the server room nice and cool. even though window air conditioning doesn't really do a good job controlling humidity and it can also pose a security problem, as burglars can easily remove them and get access into the server room.
  3. Another option is to add an extra zone to the existing HVAC System, that way you are able to set the appropriate temperature for the server independently and have total control. That is a good idea if you have access to the ductwork from either the basement or from the attic without having to tear apart the building and be forced to do a major renovation.
  4. Installing a MINI SPLIT air conditioning system could also be considered. They are a small and compact solutions allowing room temperature control. The condenser is mounted outside and the indoor unit is very quiet and does an excellent job keeping the temperature and humidity under control. The mini splits are affordable and installation in most cases can be done in one day.

Mitsubishi Mini Split