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When it comes to cooling your home, you can always relay on the experience and great level of customer service you will receive from Obie Comfort Solutions. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed. We can help you choose the perfect A/C system for your home, while on your budget. We will also make sure that your new system is providing you with even temperatures, as well as being able to have a better control of how your home is being cooled. We will ensure that your new air-conditioning system is installed to your satisfaction, with clean and polite technicians that will respect your home. 

What we do...


We will install cooling and heating systems, air cleaners, thermostats and accessories. Wheather you are upgrading to a more efficient system or building a new home, our A/C systems have the efficiency and capacity to better suit your needs. 


To maintain your system running properly, it is always a good idea to have your system checked by one of our expert technicians, do an air conditioner repair/maintenance. Small problems can become bigger problems if system is not being maintained accordingly. 


At Obie Comfort Solutions, we offer highly skilled and certified technicians that will diagnose, adjust or repair your system so that it runs properly all year long.

 Bryant Condenser Installed by Obie in Southborough, MA  Bryand Condenser Installed by Obie

How are you protecting your most valuable asset?

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