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Mitsubishi Air Conditioning System

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Mitsubishi Ductless - Live Better

Mitsubishi has long been known for their quality standards, and if you’re looking for a Ductless Mini Split AC system, Obie Comfort Solutions can help you. We are Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor!

What benefits can you expect from this system?

You may be wondering how having a system would benefit you and your home. Luckily, we are here to answer that very question. You would benefit from a Mitsubishi air conditioner system in a variety of ways, including but not limited to:

Easy and painless installation 
  • One way that you will instantly benefit from the system is through its easy and non-intrusive installation. Our technicians are skilled experts when it comes to both installing and repairing the ductless AC systems. As a Mitsubishi AC system customer, you will not have to worry about any home infrastructure reworking for ducts within your walls. The Mitsubishi AC system is extremely flexible when it comes to placement and can cool a single room or even a whole house. Also comes with a programmable thermostat, allowing you to adjust the AC to your personal comfort level. 

Wall-mount Deluxe 

Efficient air flow throughout your residence 
  • The Mitsubishi AC system is also far more efficient at doing its job compared to older, more primitive AC systems that employ the use of aged ductwork to circulate your cold air. Is not only eco-friendly compared to older AC models, but is also more conservative with the electricity used to power your home. Traditional air conditioning systems that employ ducts to keep your house cool can potentially lose up to 40% (or more) of its efficiency through the duct system alone. And when it comes to long, hot summer days and bill paying time, that is not a percentage you can afford. 


Saving money via the advanced power-saving features 
  • You can expect to save plenty of money thanks to the advanced efficiency that the Mitsubishi AC system offers. The Mitsubishi AC Ductless Mini Split is an advanced and efficient system designed with the customer's needs in mind. Equipped with many different power saving settings, you may never have to worry about the cost of your AC running ever again. The Mitsubishi AC Ductless Mini Split offers a wide variety of 12 different models to chose from, ranging from a modest 14 SEER ENERGY STAR efficiency model to a model that boasts a rating as high as a 26 SEER ENERGY STAR efficiency rating. There are also many sizes to choose from, with AC sizes ranging from 2,800 to 34,000 BTUs.

If you need a new AC for the upcoming summer, you cannot go wrong with choosing aMitsubishi Ductless Mini Split AC. With our highly trained and NATE certified employees, we can ensure a quick and proper installation of your Mitsubishi AC. It will be guaranteed to work at its peak efficiency.

Give us a call today at (617) 415-1522 and ask about our Mitsubishi systems. We stand behind this manufacturer 100 percent, and we know you’ll see the difference immediately. Or schedule your service call with one of our expert techinicians. Click to see what specials and New Call-to-action you can take advantage of.


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