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Norfolk, MA

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Heating and Cooling Repair & Installation Services in norfolk

Obie Comfort Solutions is here to solve all of your HVAC issues in Norfolk, MA. Want to see what some of your neighbors in the area have been saying about us? Click to view Reviews and testimonials.

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How often should heaters and furnaces be replaced?

Your heater and furnace are two crucial pieces of equipment in the home, and you will quickly reevaluate their importance when one of them stops functioning correctly. Just as our cars require regular maintenance to run smoothly and last longer, heaters and furnaces must receive regular maintenance to run at peak performance.

All too often, homeowners put off maintaining their heaters and furnaces. They feel that, as long as they seem to be working and are heating the home, they can procrastinate this crucial process. However, finding yourself with no heat in the middle of the cold season can be highly uncomfortable and even life-threatening. It is recommended that you receive a professional inspection every year before the Winter season sets in.

How long can you expect these units to last?

When considering how long heaters and furnaces last, you must first recall how you have taken care of them over the years. Those who have units that receive regular maintenance and inspection can expect to get up to 25 years of quality service before a replacement is in order. When warning signs such as strange noises and a lower level of heat are ignored, however, the unit could lasts as little as eight or nine years. Among the measures that can be taken when you call for regular service include:

  • Filter changes
  • Moisture level control to keep heat exchanger from rusting
  • Cleaning the AC coil to prevent the drain from becoming clogged too

What are some signs that you need to repair or replace your unit?

The average lifespan for a heat pump is 10 to 15 years, therefore one of the first signs that a replacement is coming is when they begin to reach this age. There are physical signs that this is happening, and often the first to manifest is noticing that rooms are not getting as warm as quickly as they used to. This indicates that the pump is not running at maximum capacity, and repairs are likely necessary.

You will also feel the impact of an inefficient heat pump in your monthly utility bill. As replacement time nears, your pump loses efficiency, and this means you will notice an unexpected increase in your heating bill.

What are some easy ways to save on your heating bill?

You don’t have to wrap up in blankets and suffer through the cold to save on your heating bill. By taking advantage of various heating services, you can convert the investment into substantial savings. Our professionals can provide services that will increase efficiency, and they can offer insightful tips that you can implement to pay as little as possible. Some suggestions they may offer include:

  • Setting ideal thermostat temperatures
  • Considering the installation of new, energy-efficient equipment
  • Turning down the temperature on your hot water heater
  • The installation of electronic heating monitors that can indicate savings

How often should your air conditioner receive maintenance?

At Obie Comfort Solutions we provide routine maintenance on air conditioners at residential properties. As a family owned business, we care about providing assistance to our customers that feels personalized and real. Many property managers and homeowners neglect cooling systems in buildings until the devices malfunction on the hottest day of Summer.

Everyone should have routine maintenance on their air conditioner by the spring to ensure it is in its’ best condition. We suggest having a building’s air-conditioning system inspected and cleaned at least once a year. However, if an air conditioner is vital to maintain someone’s health due to a chronic condition such as heart disease, then more frequent maintenance will be necessary.

How long can you expect your AC to last?

Window and central air-conditioning devices are expensive investments for a home or business that require regular maintenance in order to get the most out of these machines. To ensure the cooling equipment lasts as long as 10 years, you’ll need to rely on technicians who know what they’re doing and what the most effective way to do a job is, and on a company that can provide you with a schedule fit for your unit and your life.

It is important to cover or store a window air conditioner in a safe location throughout the Winter months to protect its components. Alternatively, central air-conditioning can last as long as 20 years with professional maintenance from technicians who know how to inspect a building’s ductwork for debris, change filters and lubricate moving parts.

Why should you count on professional air filter replacement?

Many of our customers neglect to change their air conditioner’s filter each month, leading to a buildup of dust and other debris that can seriously hurt the unit. The main reasons you should invest in regular filter replacement are:

  • Buildup of debris: Your unit will experience a huge buildup of debris. When a filter is full of debris, the flow of air through the cooling device is reduced, causing a customer’s home to feel hot and humid.
  • High Bills: Not only will your home begin to feel musky and stuffy, your unit will also have to work much harder when it is clogged by debris. When your unit works harder, your energy bill will spike, leaving you with a home that doesn’t cool and a bill that hurts your eyes.
  • Allergies: Air conditioner filters can also collect debris such as pet dander and pollen that cause allergic reactions, including respiratory distress. Our technicians carry a wide assortment of basic and hypoallergenic filters on their trucks to fit different brands and models of air conditioners.
  • Increased lifespan: Routinely having filters replaced can prolong the lifespan of an air conditioner while ensuring a building remains cool.

What are some easy ways to save more on your cooling costs?

In addition to having routine maintenance and frequently changing air conditioner filters, we recommend that our customers make sure that the vents in each room are opened completely. To reduce a building’s cooling costs, verify that all windows and doors are closed properly to prevent loss of climate controlled air.

When temperatures are extremely high, darken rooms by closing drapes or window blinds. Many homeowners or property managers install ceiling fans in various rooms of a building to help circulate climate cooled air. Adding insulation to a building’s walls and attic can also prevent loss of cooled air from an air conditioner.

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