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How often should furnaces and heaters receive maintenance?

It’s recommended that a furnace be inspected at least once a year, ideally before the cold weather arrives. The worst time to discover something isn’t working properly is when the temperature is dropping and you have to wait a few days until anyone can take care of it.

A yearly inspection and maintenance can reduce heating costs, ensure the proper operation of the furnace, and even reduce the chance of carbon monoxide leaks from faulty systems.

How long do these units typically last?

Some furnaces, particularly the older units that were made out of cast iron, can last for more than fifty years. However, this endurance comes at a trade – they are far less efficient and cost far more to run than modern units do.

However, newer units last between fifteen and twenty years, and the efficiency of these units means they will save you money in the long run. Even if you can extend the life of your furnace further, it’s a good idea to replace them over time in order to keep costs low and avoid spending money on constant repairs.

What are some signs that you need to repair or replace your heat pump?

If you’ve had to constantly seek repairs for your heater or furnace, it could be a sign that it’s nearing the end of its life. When this happens, consider replacing them.

Not only does a new heat pump work more efficiently than one that is in constant need of repair, but the problems associated with malfunctioning pumps – loud noises, low heat production, etc. – go away.

Attempts to repair a heat pump constantly can quickly add up to the cost of a new one; save your money and replace the existing unit when you begin to notice a drop in the heat, sudden increases in humidity, or noises coming from the unit.

What are some easy ways to save on heating bills?

The easiest way to reduce your heating costs is to turn down the thermostat. Set it between 68 and 72 degrees during Winter; this reduces the amount the unit has to work to keep your home at that temperature.

If you get cool, put on a sweater or a blanket rather than turning up the heat. Another step you can take is to place curtains over the windows.

Any ventilation problems you might have will allow heat to escape outside, and windows can cut down on the impact of these air leaks. Make sure to do a quick scan of your house; if any air vents are blocked by rugs or furniture, rearrange things so that the heat can flow freely into your home.

Ready to invest in our services?

Obie Comfort Solutions has been providing homeowners in the areas around Newton, MA with advice on maintaining and repairing their furnaces since 2006. Offering a full range of repair and maintenance services, we at Obie Comfort Solutions can help to keep you safe and comfortable this Winter season. Summer is the perfect time to make sure all of your cold-weather systems are up and running properly.

How often should air conditioners receive maintenance?

Air conditioners should be inspected at least once a year, even if you don’t detect any problems with it. This helps to ensure the air conditioner operates at maximum efficiency and isn’t costing you money with your power bill to a malfunction you might not notice. A system can decrease in efficiency by up to five percent each year because of dirt and dust build up. The ideal time to inspect your cooling unit is in the spring right before the hot summer temperatures make their entrance.

How long do air conditioners typically last?

Air conditioners typically last about 10 years, but the length of time can vary. Most only make it between about 7 or 8 years, as oftentimes most homeowners won’t pay enough attention to the unit.

With proper care and maintenance, you can extend the lifespan of an air conditioning unit beyond its rated limits; however, it is a good idea to replace near the end of life, simply because you’ll save money on energy with a newer, more efficient system.

What is the importance of regular air conditioner filter replacement?

The filters inside an air conditioner work to keep the air blowing into your home clean and healthy to breathe. A dirty filter won’t catch all the dust and debris a clean one will, which can lead to respiratory problems and allergy flare-ups.

In addition, the air won’t be as cool. If you have pets, you should replace the filter even more often, as pet hair and dander can lead to a clogged system very quickly. The air filter should be replaced every thirty to sixty days, or as needed – regular inspection of the filter will provide visual clues as to its overall condition.

However, as a caveat: if the home is rarely in use or has only a single resident with no pets, a filter can last for months at a time.

What are some simple ways that you can save on your cooling bill?

The quest to save money on power bills is never ending. Following the steps below will help you take advantage of some energy savings.

  • One of the first steps you can take is to ensure there are no holes in your home allowing the precious cool air to escape.
  • Another trick to employ is keeping the shades closed; window shades reflect heat back outside you home, rather than allowing it in where the windows will produce a greenhouse-like effect.
  • Ensuring that the air filters are clean will help to keep the costs lower, since the system will not need to work as hard to cool your home.
  • Finally, taking cold showers will reduce the ambient heat put out by hot water.

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