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Home Automation

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Want to have full control over your home? Get professional Framingham home automation services with the experts at Obie Comfort Solutions. We use the advanced huB36 system in our homes, and now you can too! Give us a call today and learn about how you can install this system in your home.

Building36 Home Automation

We’ve all been in this scenario, we leave the house feeling assured that everything is as it should be. Twenty minutes later a twitch goes off in our brain and suddenly we remember we left a light on or forgot to lock the garage door. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a way of fixing this problem and get some ease of mind so you can enjoy whatever event you’re going to? Well, with our home automation services, you can do just that.

We’ve helped plenty of clients throughout Framingham install the huB36 gateway system in their home and now they never have to worry about accidentally leaving something on or unlocked at home. Want to see reviews from customers just like you? Click to visit our Reviews page dedicated to just that.

What is the huB36 Gateway Home Automation System?

The huB36 Gateway Home Automation System is an all-in-one-device that can act as the brain of your smart home. It’s able to communicate with devices such as thermostats, smart energy switches, light switches, home energy meters, garage doors, door locks, image sensors, video cameras, and water sensors, in addition to many others. In fact, it’s able to connect to over 200 different z-wave powered devices at once, all with just a simple press of a button.

What are the benefits of using a home-automation system?

Home automation systems are able to communicate with and directly control all manner of automated systems within your home so you can access it easily from one simple location. In addition to that, you’ll also be able to monitor critical situations or security alerts immediately, as the huB36 can contact you directly by text message. With that in mind, it allows much more synthesis of your devices than you would have previously had.

For instance, if you were out on vacation and your video camera started detecting some unwelcome movement in your backyard, the Gateway would be able to send you an alert, and then immediately trigger the lights to come on in the house to mimic someone being inside, which would make it a powerful deterrent to any burglars or trespassers who thought you might not have been home at the time. It’s also a great way to get early warning signs of water damage if connected to the appropriate sensor.

All of these things sound great, but something like that must be expensive, right? Not at all, another great feature we’ve put into the device is accurate power monitoring. You’ll be able to get an precise read out of how much energy you’re going through, and if you combine that with smart outlets, you can determine exactly what devices in your home are eating up the most power and turn them off remotely whenever you decide it’s best, so the Gateway device will actually save you money.

In what scenarios would you need the huB36 Gateway Home-Automation system?

The huB36 Gateway Home Automation system works best in homes that are equipped with multiple products that are powered with z-waves, and there are plenty of such devices.

Thermostats can be used in conjunction with the huB36 to both monitor and modify your home’s temperature levels, even while you’re not there. Light switches can be set up to come on at set times or be triggered when motion is detected from your doors or camera sensors. Electronic door locks can even be controlled with the huB36, and they can be programmed remotely and be set up with temporary guest keys or to send out automatic text notifications when the door is locked or unlocked, so you’ll know exactly who’s been at your house and when.

With all of those features in mind, we feel confident that the huB36 Gateway Home Automation system will completely revolutionize home ownership status by giving you much more fine-tuned control and peace of mind when you’re not around to watch over your home.

If you’re ready to have full control over your home, being able to shut off lights or deter would-be thieves at a moments notice, call us to install the huB36 gateway home automation system in your home today. Reach out to us by dialing (617) 415-1522. Click to view our New Call-to-action.

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