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New Construction

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Homeowners will often find that their current living situation may require more space or a better fit for their lifestyle. This often results in a new addition onto the home or selling the home and building a new one. Construction techniques in general have not changed too radically in the past 20 years, but the code requirements have vastly changed the construction industry. Here at Obie Comfort Solutions we provide services that are formed around the laws and legal codes, this way you can be sure our projects are all done the right way. Want to see reviews and testimonials? Visit our Reviews page.

Why is it important to follow legal codes?

New construction can be a mix of paperwork, permits, and making sure all steps are followed throughout the process. We’ve heard horror stories from individuals who have attempted to do the construction themselves, to some who have hired companies claiming to follow the codes, only to cut corners and have the homeowner suffer down the road. Following construction codes serves several important purposes.

Increased equity in the home and future selling potential 


  • A home that has the proper permits and code requirements for any construction will be able to include that in living space. A realtor can provide safety for potential buyers in the market. We recommend checking out any permits that were pulled on the home to ensure the codes are up to date. Some older historical homes may have accepted older code, which is perfectly fine.
Proper documentation for future reference 


  • Draft drawings and modifications to blueprints can provide reference to any alterations for repair. For example, a change from copper pipe to PEX tubing manifold systems in plumbing can be documented to make it easier for any repairs. The codes will be referenced with the documentation.
Keeping it streamlined 


  • Following IRC and local code variances will make construction much easier in the long run. We have found that most renovation projects benefit from having specific rules to keep all team members involved in check.

New construction and remodeling usually require a conceptual drawing depending on the project. New construction is more intensive and will have to follow the new IRC building code rules. Common changes to older rules include fault-interrupt protection in circuit breakers or special metal barriers against plumbing to prevent nails from bursting pipes. Remodeling a much older home brings up a whole new set of challenges. Scale and height of older basements make it difficult to finish the space without underpinning the floor. Major plumbing requirements may need old waste stacks removed or HVAC units such as oil tanks removed for space. We also recommend checking what was grandfathered in to prevent a more costly repair. Opening up walls will open up new code violations such as fire barriers in balloon-framed homes.


New additions in the home are most commonly in the basement or as a bump-out to the existing building. One of the most common errors we have found that violates codes are undersizing water heater and HVAC requirements. A new addition may contain a bathroom and additional plumbing. We usually recommend upgrading the water heater to ensure proper continuous supply of hot water. Air conditioner units may need upgrades to dampers or ducting to accommodate new airflow and square footage. Are you ready to start on your new construction project with professionals who can guarantee your satisfaction? Call us today at (617) 415-1522 and schedule your service call with one of our expert technicians. Click to view our New Call-to-action so you can save money on this service.

How are you protecting your most valuable asset?

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