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If your heating system is malfunctioning or breaking down, that system failure is far more than simply an inconvenient annoyance or uncomfortable experience.

Whether you hear strange noises, smell odd odors, have uneven temperatures throughout your home, or are experiencing any other issues with your air conditioner, trust Obie Comfort Solutions to restore your system to full working order.

Even though water heaters are great appliances to have, they can break down and have issues from time to time just like any other appliance. Our experts at Obie Comfort Solutions will be able to remedy these problems for you in a timely fashion.

We have experts that will provide you with the equipment and knowledge about how to improve air quality inside your home. We provide dehumidifiers and humidifiers, whole house air cleaners, UV air sanitizers and purifiers, and duct cleaning.



Taking care of your home isn’t just another job to us, it’s part of an ongoing mission to keep our community safe, healthy, and comfortable. We believe that our customers aren’t just names on an invoice, they’re our friends and neighbors, the people who make our Framingham community such a great place. That’s why we tailor all of our services to your individual needs.



We celebrate our success. We come to work through choice, not necessity. We choose our attitude; we will be genuine, friendly, and upbeat!


We treat others like we would want to be treated. We respect ourselves, our fellow team members, our vendors, the company and most importantly, we respect our customers’ homes and families.


We work together as a team. If someone fails, we all fail. If someone celebrates, we all celebrate!


We honor our commitments by following through with what we say we are going to do even if it costs us. We make commitments with care, then live up to them.


We drive top performance in all areas, going above and beyond, with the goal of exceeding expectations and creating long-lasting relationships.


We do great things with the gifts we’ve been given! We believe that hard work is a priority and we’re bringing that to every job.

Here’s Why

We have CORE VALUES that we bring to your home when you call Obie Comfort Solutions for service.


The Story of Obie Comfort Solutions



Ductless Mini-Split Installation in Newton, MA 02460

I recently had the pleasure of working with Tel from Obie Comfort Solutions, and I cannot express enough gratitude for the exceptional service he provided. From the moment Tel stepped into my home, he exuded professionalism and expertise that immediately put me at ease.

Tel's dedication to ensuring I understood every aspect of the process was remarkable. He didn't just breeze through the details; instead, he took the time to walk me through each step of the installation process for my heat pump and 7 indoor ductless system. His thorough explanations, coupled with his patience in answering my questions, truly made me feel confident in my decision.

Moreover, Tel's commitment to excellence didn't end with the initial consultation. He went above and beyond, making himself available for multiple visits to ensure everything was proceeding smoothly. His attention to detail and willingness to address any concerns reassured me throughout the entire process.

I also want to extend my heartfelt appreciation to Bruna, Renato and another fellow part of the install team. Their professionalism and efficiency were outstanding, and they worked tirelessly to ensure the installation was completed to the highest standards.

In conclusion, if you're in need of HVAC solutions, look no further than Obie Comfort Solutions, and specifically request an appointment with Tel de Paiva. His unmatched expertise, dedication to customer satisfaction, and seamless integration of sales and technical knowledge make him the ideal partner for your HVAC needs. Thank you, Tel, and the entire team, for exceeding my expectations and providing an exceptional experience from start to finish.

Best Regards,

- John K.

Heat Pump Maintenance in Framingham, MA 01701

Nick came to do a one year service on my Neat Pump – AC unit. After receiving several text reminders of my appointment along with a notice that Nick was on his way, arriving within the time frame I was given. Nick arrived and started work right away. He checked over and tested my system, answered all my questions, offered me a suggestion to keep everything running correctly, hosed off all the coils and then wiped down the outside unit, who does that! I was VERY pleased with everything Nick did he was very professional, polite, knowledgeable, respectful of my property I couldn’t have asked for a better technician.
I also want to say that all of my interactions with every Obie employee, from a year ago on the first day of installation has been incredibly positive. You cannot go wrong working with Obie Comfort Solutions.

- Greg P.

Heat Pump Installation in Framingham, MA 01718

As I have previously written, my experience with the folks from Obie who put in my new heat pump was very positive. I am now updating my review to say the heat pump continues to work very well and I am very thankful for the help that Priscila and Lia have given me in applying for the rebate and tax credit. Thanks to all of you… I have recommended you to a neighbor who is also going to be getting a heat pump from you based on my experience… Joan D.

- Joan D.

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Obie Comfort Club Maintenance

Reasons to Invest in the Obie Comfort Club

✓ Satisfies manufacturer warranties
✓ Ensures regular maintenance so that your systems last longer
✓ Should you need us for a repair or emergency, you can count on us being there


Between paying for everyday things like food or gas, and paying utility bills alongside a mortgage, the wallet can begin looking really skinny in no time. So if there’s a way to save on your utility bills by installing a far more efficient unit, what reason is there not to take it? Obie Comfort Solutions offers just this opportunity to residents of Framingham, MA, and the surrounding areas. Learn how you can get some money back using heat pumps in your home.



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