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If your heating system is malfunctioning or breaking down, that system failure is far more than simply an inconvenient annoyance or uncomfortable experience.

Whether you hear strange noises, smell odd odors, have uneven temperatures throughout your home, or are experiencing any other issues with your air conditioner, trust Obie Comfort Solutions to restore your system to full working order.

Even though water heaters are great appliances to have, they can break down and have issues from time to time just like any other appliance. Our experts at Obie Comfort Solutions will be able to remedy these problems for you in a timely fashion.

We have experts that will provide you with the equipment and knowledge about how to improve air quality inside your home. We provide dehumidifiers and humidifiers, whole house air cleaners, UV air sanitizers and purifiers, and duct cleaning.



Taking care of your home isn’t just another job to us, it’s part of an ongoing mission to keep our community safe, healthy, and comfortable. We believe that our customers aren’t just names on an invoice, they’re our friends and neighbors, the people who make our Framingham community such a great place. That’s why we tailor all of our services to your individual needs.



We celebrate our success. We come to work through choice, not necessity. We choose our attitude; we will be genuine, friendly, and upbeat!


We treat others like we would want to be treated. We respect ourselves, our fellow team members, our vendors, the company and most importantly, we respect our customers’ homes and families.


We work together as a team. If someone fails, we all fail. If someone celebrates, we all celebrate!


We honor our commitments by following through with what we say we are going to do even if it costs us. We make commitments with care, then live up to them.


We drive top performance in all areas, going above and beyond, with the goal of exceeding expectations and creating long-lasting relationships.


We do great things with the gifts we’ve been given! We believe that hard work is a priority and we’re bringing that to every job.

Here’s Why

We have CORE VALUES that we bring to your home when you call Obie Comfort Solutions for service.


The Story of Obie Comfort Solutions



Gas Furnace Repair in Framingham, MA 01702

The service department was amazing.
From the receptionist to the girl who answered the phone in service Kyra. (I believe was her name)
She seemed to have answers, was really helpful.
Offered me a back up plan, and was very clear on that to expect on the visit.
I like the person to person contact, and did not have to spend 30 minutes trying to speak to robot instead of a person.
My service tech was Matt and Santiago. 10 stars
I would recommend to all family and friends.
Thank you Obie

- Shannon P.

Heat Pump Installation in Framingham, MA 01718

I was very happy with my experience of having Obie Comfort Solutions install a heat pump after my old furnace died. I had no heat and they were very prompt in helping me get the new heating system installed which I am quite happy with. Each member of the team from my initial contact with Lia Franco , Prescila Martins and Tel Del Paviva to the installation team of Majaiver Freitas, Oscar , Paul, Alex and Renato and the patching team of patching team Edy and Martin were wonderful. as was the electrician (I am sorry I don’t know his name). After the installation, I was impressed with the help I received from Lia and Prescila in applying for the mass save rebate and the followup by Majaiver Freitos. I will be telling neighbors and friends of how happy I was with this whole team who it was a pleasure to work with. Thank you.

- Joan D.

Ductless Mini-Split Installation in Newton, MA 02472

We were recommended to contact Obie by a competing HVAC installer who did not install in Watertown. Beginning with Danilo, our sales consultant, our entire experience with Obie met or exceeded our expectations. We were seeking to install heat pump systems throughout our 110 y.o. house and, understandably, had our concerns about our lack of knowledge, exterior aesthetics, damage during installation, not to mention, cost. From sales to pre-install walkthrough, to the installation crew and post-install operational lessons, the Obie process was smooth, reassuring, and detailed. In addition, Lia from the Obie office guided us through our interaction with MassSave which resulted in crucial financial support. We can’t say enough about all the delightful Obie folks who we came to know so well: Danilo, Magiver, Gustavo, Alan, Elcio, Saulo, and, from the office, Lia and Priscila. And the HVAC systems, 1st floor mini-splits and 2nd floor ducted air handler, have literally changed the way we live in the house. We give Obie the highest praise and a complete recommendation based on our HVAC install!

- Allyn D.

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Obie Comfort Club Maintenance

Reasons to Invest in the Obie Comfort Club

✓ Satisfies manufacturer warranties
✓ Ensures regular maintenance so that your systems last longer
✓ Should you need us for a repair or emergency, you can count on us being there


Between paying for everyday things like food or gas, and paying utility bills alongside a mortgage, the wallet can begin looking really skinny in no time. So if there’s a way to save on your utility bills by installing a far more efficient unit, what reason is there not to take it? Obie Comfort Solutions offers just this opportunity to residents of Framingham, MA, and the surrounding areas. Learn how you can get some money back using heat pumps in your home.



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