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Just as we all have our own goals, many of us have the desire to chase the American dream and make our own fortunes. 

Oberlan Rosa, founder of Obie Comfort Solutions had just this dream. He and his wife planned every grueling detail on their nights together after both arriving home from a day full of work, and for his wife, night classes. Fast forward several years, they’re the parents of a successful company that constantly strives to improve its customer experience, have 20 employees, and are the proud parents of 5 sons that are as much a part of the company as they are.

This couple's hard work and perseverance paid off!  In 2006 Obie Comfort Solutions was founded.


Why choose us?

Personalized service: Our origins are humble and our business continues to honor this fact. We make sure you receive the attention that any single one of our friends would receive. You won’t be just another number to us, your situation is unique and we understand that your problems will have their own specific needs. Let us help you achieve your ideal level of home comfort.
100% money back guarantee: Don’t get pulled into scams by companies that plan to find the quickest and easiest way to rob you of your hard-earned money. The quality of our work is second to none, and if you ever feel that we’ve provided anything less than excellent, we guarantee your money back 100%. Enjoy the stress-free experience of knowing that your money is never being thrown away and can be recovered if you ever feel we didn’t do our job.

100% satisfaction guarantee: Just like your money isn’t to be messed with, your patience should never be tried. We don’t find ways to cut corners and finish a job quicker simply because it’s easier. We know we do it right you’ll be more than happy to call us for any other problems you have, and we value returning business over one time business every day of the week.

Free estimates: Taking on any home improvement project is already stressful enough on its own. Between scheduling the project to budgeting your money, the headaches can begin to pile up and you can be faced with stressors that’ll have you on edge all day long. Take some of the stress off of your shoulders with our guaranteed free estimates on HVAC maintenance. Have the best idea possible of what you’ll be paying so you can get yourself financially ready to take on the massive project.





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How are you protecting your most valuable asset?

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