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Heat pump service.

Heat pumps are a great way to implement energy efficiency in your Massachusetts home. They take the place of furnaces and air conditioners by providing both heat and cool air whenever needed.

Our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) experts possess high levels of experience and knowledge to install, replace, repair, and maintain your home’s heat pump. If you are considering a heat pump new installation or replacement, or if you are looking for repairs or maintenance, you will not find more qualified and reliable professionals than you will at Obie Comfort Solutions here in Framingham and its surrounds.

No matter what type of residential heat pump you are contemplating or have, our experts live up to our reputation.

How Are Heat Pump Systems Different?

Heat pumps offer an energy-efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioners. They work differently than more traditional heating and cooling systems.

Heat pumps take heat from the outdoors and transfer it into your home when our Massachusetts outdoor temperatures dip. Then during the warmer season, they move the heat from inside your home outdoors.

Because they transfer heat from one location to another instead of creating heat, heat pumps are very energy efficient, costing you much less in energy than conventional HVAC systems.

Heat Pump Benefits

Just one of multiple benefits of a heat pump is its energy efficiency, which saves you money year round. If you don’t have a heat pump in your Framingham home, now may be the time. Our heat pump installation experts will take care of the service for you as well as give you the advice needed to reduce your energy consumption and lower your home’s energy bills.

Another benefit is the positive impact a heat pump can have on your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ). Since a heat pump is simply transferring heat instead of creating it with a fossil fuel, it does not contribute to poor indoor air quality.

At Obie Comfort Solutions, our home comfort specialists only work with the industry’s leading systems and materials, so you can rest assured your heat pump will keep you comfortable for years.

Heat Pump Installation and Replacement

If you are considering replacing your current heat pump or if you are thinking of converting from a traditional HVAC system to a heat pump, talk to one of our professionals. We recommend involving us from the beginning of your project, so we can help you save time and money with the best decisions.

Our heating and cooling experts have the experience and knowledge you are looking for in heat pump installations no matter what your project may be. We will give you a written proposal so you can read what we suggest and the work we propose to do.

We also offer financing if that can help you with your heat pump investment.

Heat Pump Repairs

If your current heat pump suddenly fails or it is not working as efficiently as it should, call our Obie Comfort Solutions heat pump professionals. We only work with the highest-quality parts and materials. When we make a repair, it stays fixed. And we guarantee our work, so you never have to worry about our craftsmanship.

And if your heat pump breakdown is an emergency situation after we are closed, we have you covered. We know emergencies don’t only occur when we are open. We offer emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your comfort and absolute satisfaction are priorities with us. We will always do all we can to accommodate whatever you need.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Keeping your heat pump properly professionally maintained throughout the year helps prevent unexpected failures and problems, as well as promotes the optimum efficiency from your system. It also goes a long way in extending your heat pump’s life span.

Ask us today about our Peace Of Mind program options and how they can best serve you. We offer different levels to meet everyone where they are in their homes and budget.

Call Obie Comfort Solutions for All Your Heat Pump Needs

Contact our team of experts to discuss how a heat pump can help you achieve the comfort level you want in your Framingham, MA, home. If you require a repair or maintenance, our heating and cooling professionals can help you with that as well. Call 617-804-0668 or request service online today.

Heat Pump Maintenance in Framingham, MA 01701

Nick came to do a one year service on my Neat Pump – AC unit. After receiving several text reminders of my appointment along with a notice that Nick was on his way, arriving within the time frame I was given. Nick arrived and started work right away. He checked over and tested my system, answered all my questions, offered me a suggestion to keep everything running correctly, hosed off all the coils and then wiped down the outside unit, who does that! I was VERY pleased with everything Nick did he was very professional, polite, knowledgeable, respectful of my property I couldn’t have asked for a better technician.
I also want to say that all of my interactions with every Obie employee, from a year ago on the first day of installation has been incredibly positive. You cannot go wrong working with Obie Comfort Solutions.
- Greg P.

Heat Pump Installation in Framingham, MA 01718

As I have previously written, my experience with the folks from Obie who put in my new heat pump was very positive. I am now updating my review to say the heat pump continues to work very well and I am very thankful for the help that Priscila and Lia have given me in applying for the rebate and tax credit. Thanks to all of you… I have recommended you to a neighbor who is also going to be getting a heat pump from you based on my experience… Joan D.

- Joan D.

Heat Pump Installation in Framingham, MA 01718

I was very happy with my experience of having Obie Comfort Solutions install a heat pump after my old furnace died. I had no heat and they were very prompt in helping me get the new heating system installed which I am quite happy with. Each member of the team from my initial contact with Lia Franco , Prescila Martins and Tel Del Paviva to the installation team of Majaiver Freitas, Oscar , Paul, Alex and Renato and the patching team of patching team Edy and Martin were wonderful. as was the electrician (I am sorry I don’t know his name). After the installation, I was impressed with the help I received from Lia and Prescila in applying for the mass save rebate and the followup by Majaiver Freitos. I will be telling neighbors and friends of how happy I was with this whole team who it was a pleasure to work with. Thank you.

- Joan D.

Heat Pump Installation in Newton, MA 02462

I would like to congratulate you on the excellent customer service I received from your company with regard to my recent purchase of a mini split heat pump system.

The experience was exemplary throughout from system selection, to purchase, installation and follow up. All of your employees were courteous and professional.

I would particularly like to recognize the installation team who went above and beyond in taking the time to thoughtfully position the exterior unit.

I would also like to call special attention to Lia who went the extra mile to assist me in gathering the information needed for the rebate paperwork.

I will be needing a system for another property in the coming months and will certainly be using Obie again.

- Ewen C.

Heat Pump Repair in Framingham, MA 01702

“Obie is our first call when practically anything goes wrong! Never fails! Very professional, great crew, great results. Highly recommended!”

- John E.

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