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Obie Comfort Solutions provides repair and maintenance service for older heaters, furnaces, and air conditioners, and we also install all new units for those who need the replacements. Want to see what other Bellingham residents are saying about us? Click here to read our reviews!

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How often should heaters and furnaces receive maintenance?

As a rule of thumb, we recommend getting your heater or furnace serviced at least once a year. If you can, try to have it done in the Fall to ensure that the unit is ready to handle the lower temperatures.

Getting your furnace or heater serviced at least once per year will help you to identify problems before they happen, and you will also get a much longer life expectancy out of it. You can easily compare caring for your heating unit to caring for your car. If you ignore what’s going on under the hood for long enough, it’s likely the car will begin to break down. Keep the heating unit running smoothly by servicing it regularly.

How long do HVAC units typically last?

Heaters, furnaces, and general HVAC systems last for as long as consumers really allow them to. Eventually, all appliances permanently break down or develop so many problems that the most economical option becomes purchasing an entirely new heating unit or system. However, a regularly serviced furnace/heater can last up to 20 years with proper care and use.

How heavily the unit is being used also plays a big role in its life expectancy. Homes in cooler regions will likely use the units more frequently, resulting in decreased longevity.

What are some signs that you need to repair or replace your heat pump?

If your home is equipped with a heat pump, it’s likely that you’re not aware of the warning signs that it will display once it’s time for a repair or replacement.

Changes in the temperature of your home or difficulty maintaining a constant temperature are both signs that your heat pump is in bad shape. Additionally, if you find yourself performing frequent minor repairs on your heat pump, it is likely time to consider a replacement. Once you’ve spent over what it would cost for a replacement in repair costs for your current heat pump, it’s definitely time to begin considering buying a new unit.

What are some easy ways to save on your heating bills?

Lastly, these are a few tips on saving the most money on your heating bill. We recommend:

  • Turn off the thermostat when everyone is gone
  • Use your fireplace as much as possible if you have one, and remember to keep the damper closed
  • Consider turning down the water heater to around 115-120 degrees
  • Clear obstructions from heating vents so that air can flow easily
  • Replace your furnace filters, and keep the unit properly cleaned and lubricated

Need to maintain your AC unit?

Invest in annual service to make your air conditioner last as long as possible. You should replace the filter every month to promote clean airflow. Having it checked every year, especially in the Spring before the heavy use starts, allows you to catch small problems before they turn into costly repairs. With proper maintenance, your air conditioner will maintain its high energy efficiency standards and last longer.

When our technicians visit your home, they’ll start by inspecting the system and running a few tests.

  • They’ll look at the coolant charge, tighten loose connections, lubricate parts and ensure that the blower motor is properly positioned.
  • They’ll also look for worn parts and replace them before they break down completely.
  • Finally, they give the unit a good cleaning to keep it functioning nicely and help it last longer.

Wondering how long your AC is going to last you?

You can expect a well maintained air conditioner to last up to 13 years. If you neglect the maintenance and allow dirt to build up in the unit, then it won’t last as long. A system that’s routinely taken for granted may only last about 8 years. Given the cost of a replacement, this is a significant difference in lifespan. It’s also important to remember that air conditioners become less efficient over time, but you can counteract this problem with regular maintenance.

What is the importance of regular AC filter replacement?

The filter on your unit catches dirt and allergens before they can go into the system and recirculate through the home. The filter helps maintain high indoor air quality. As the filter becomes clogged, it will limit the airflow for our system. This puts a strain on your unit and causes it to run less efficiently. You’ll ultimately spend more on energy bills, and your air conditioner won’t last as long.

What are some easy ways to save more on your cooling costs?

The easiest way to save on cooling costs is to replace the filter monthly. You can also lower energy usage by cleaning the air ducts in your home. Make good use of your curtains by keeping them closed against the sun and opening them later in the day. Check insulation levels in your home to help stop drafts and prevent heat loss.

If you want your unit to last you as long as possible, you’ll have to give it the attention and care it needs in order to continue functioning properly. You can do your part by changing the filter regularly and ensuring that furniture is not blocking the vents. It’s also important to call for annual cleaning and service to keep the unit in top condition.

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