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How often should heaters and furnaces receive maintenance?

All manufacturers of heaters, furnaces, and other heating systems alike tend to agree that it’s best to service these units once per year or more. Whether unit seems as though it is running efficiently or not, it’s best to stick to a fixed schedule for providing it maintenance.

Experts have said in the past that the majority of repairs administered to heating devices and systems during the Winter time result directly from lack of maintenance. Don’t make the mistake of skipping out on maintenance, only to find that your unit doesn’t work any longer in the coldest months of the year.

How long do these units last?

While all appliances, no matter the durability, will need to be replaced inevitably, you have a lot of control over when that replacement takes place. There is a lot that goes into prolonging the life of a furnace or heater, and a lot of it has to do with keeping it maintained, cleaned, and lightening its load as much as possible.

You should also get the proper repairs for your heater or furnace as soon as they are needed. Operating a broken heating unit can result in significantly decreased efficiency, exorbitantly high electric bills, and ultimate failure eventually.

What are some signs that you need to repair or replace your heat pump?

There are a few signs that are indicative of problems with your heat pump. It’s likely your heat pump needs a repair if you notice ice along the coils. More specifically, look for ice formed on the current evaporating coil. Noises originating from the unit, such as clicking or grinding, are rarely ever good, either.

Your heat pump definitely needs a repair if it appears to be stuck in the current mode. If you find that your heat pump is displaying these problems frequently, it’s likely that a replacement is the most sound route. With a replacement you’ll be able to avoid constantly having to call and pay for repairs that will only solve the problem for a little while. Additionally, a brand new unit will be far more efficient than an older one and you’ll get to see the results in your wallet.

What are some easy ways to save on your heating bills?

Lastly, there are some things you can do to reduce the load on your furnace/heater for a longer span, and for a more practical electric bill. Things you can do to save money include:

  • Turning the thermostat down or off when you leave the house
  • Making sure the fireplace damper is shut when a fire is not burning
  • Using curtains and blinds to help better insulate the home
  • Installing storm windows that are designed to help keep the inside of the home at a neutral temperature
  • Replacing the filter on your heater, furnace, or other unit in order to keep it working soundly and efficiently

Need a reliable maintenance schedule for your AC?

We, along with other experts, recommend that maintenance for your AC be maintained at least once a year, ideally in the spring as you prepare for the Summer. Preventative maintenance through our Comfort Club membership earns loyalty credits, reduced fees, and valuable discounts on service.

An example of services that every customer can expect include:

  • A check for refrigerant leaks
  • Malfunction of internal components
  • System control testing
  • Issues with the drain line

Upkeep ensures that the air conditioner is running efficiently before the weather heats up and puts the unit through the tough seasonal wear and tear. Ensure you’ve got an efficient unit with our maintenance services and you’ll be able to enjoy using your unit for longer than you expect.

How long can you expect your unit to last you?

Most units last about ten years on average. This is the typical life expectancy of a unit that is regularly used and regularly maintained. After the ten year mark, units will typically begin to slow down and their efficiency decreases, leading to the smarter choice being to just completely replace the unit. Technology is constantly evolving to provide greater operational efficiency that makes a system upgrade worth the investment when the time comes.

An increased awareness of the negative environmental impact of using Freon refrigerant has influenced a ban on the product. Luckily, it is still available for refills over the next few years to people that are not ready to upgrade. When it is completely unavailable in the year 2020, most units should already require replacement.

Need to rely on professional filter replacements?

A filter is the easiest part of an air conditioner to replace, and it also happens to be one of the most vital. The easiest way to protect your home is to choose a Comfort Club package that provides a regular schedule of cleaning or filter replacement replacement.

Indoor pet dander and smoke are an example of contaminants that regularly accumulate on a filter. Failure to have it changed or cleaned can lead to system damage, poor air quality, and prevent adequate airflow.

What can you do to save on your cooling costs?

Upgrading to a newer system, annual examination, and smarter thermostat settings are all ways to save on cooling costs. Purchasing a new unit does come with an unavoidable upfront equipment fee. We can provide an excellent recommendation for the most suitable product and size to keep your home comfortable. Maintenance exams help technicians identify the need for repairs that could potentially decrease performance without timely care.

A typical homeowner may be guilty of turning the thermostat too low thinking that it cools the home faster. The temperature is going to drop at the same steady rate no matter how low the setting. However, it is important to know that an extremely low thermostat setting will cause the system to run for longer than necessary. Discuss with the entire family a comfortable setting that is not to be adjusted.

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