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AC Repairs and Installation

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As one of the largest appliances in your home, the air conditioning unit uses electrical and mechanical components to create a comfortable environment that you can arrive home to every day. From air conditioning installation to repairs and maintenance, Obie Comfort Solutions provides the Framingham, MA area with multiple services in order to get any one of our customers’ home up and running once more.

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Your AC system is a complex collection of parts that must be inspected individually and then evaluated as a working whole, and our technicians have all the proper tools and know-how to make sure any problem is found and corrected. Take a look at what some customers have said about our services in our Reviews page.

What are some common problems that these units encounter?

As with all appliances, AC units can suffer from problems that can start out small and eventually cripple the entire system. Some of the most common AC problems are simple ones that most homeowners tend to overlook.

  • Blocked airflow: When it sounds like the system is working harder than normal, check all vents for obstructions. Placing a couch in front of a vent quickly stops airflow into the AC unit, making it struggle to operate.
  • Inefficient cooling: One of these most obvious signs of a problem is inefficient cooling. If the house doesn’t cool down to your set temperature, the thermostat may need servicing.
  • Dirty evaporator coil: A dirty evaporator coil can cause the unit to overheat, possibly tripping a circuit breaker during operation.
  • Dirty filter: Despite this being a very simple problem, it can be a major problem, barring fresh air from moving into the system.
What parts of the AC are inspected and tuned-up during professional maintenance checks?

During the maintenance checks, our professional’s go through certain specific points of the unit to make sure everything is working appropriately.

  • HVAC professionals typically check the AC unit’s refrigerant for any leaks. This liquid helps the system convert hot air into cool, indoor breezes. If the liquid level is low, they’ll be able to recharge it quickly and get the levels back to normal.
  • Professionals also inspect and clean both the indoor and outdoor units. Dust settles on the indoor evaporator coil while leaves and other debris hinder the outdoor fan.
  • Our experts even replace your filter for you, selecting either a disposable or reusable model. If you use your AC unit a lot, a reusable filter saves you money.
What are some signs that you need repairs done on your AC?

Your energy bill is the first indication of necessary repairs. Energy costs will skyrocket when the system works harder to cool the home. You may notice unusual sounds emanating from the outside fan, or the circuit breakers could trip continually as the AC operates.

Contact us immediately if there are any obvious electrical issues. There may be a frayed or broken wire affecting the system. Our professionals will make your home safer with a thorough inspection of the entire system.

Why is maintenance important for these systems?

AC maintenance is extremely important because it can help to extend the system’s lifespan. With consistent care, your AC could last for a decade or longer. With systems ranging in the thousands of dollars, small maintenance charges through the years are much easier on the checkbook.

A well-maintained system also increases your home value. If you decide to sell the home, for example, you have years of air conditioning repair receipts to prove that you cared diligently for the system. Buyers may put in a higher bid because of your attention to detail. Naturally, the importance of AC maintenance is also based on comfort. All rooms should reflect the same temperature for ultimate comfort.

If you’re experiencing uneven cooling or poor efficiency, contact Obie Comfort Solutions at (617) 415-1522. We’re happy to inspect your units and help you get them back up and running again. Click to visit our New Call-to-action page.


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