Thatcher Street, Brookline

Thatcher Street, Brookline

Geo-Specific Case Studies on HVAC Improvements You Can Make with Obie Comfort Solutions

This April, we did an installation for a beautiful condo on Thatcher Street in Brookline, MA. The building was comprised of plenty of individual apartments, each one with a unique decor and floor plan. The homeowner in one apartment wanted to eliminate 5 noisy and ineffective window air conditioning units that were not only eyesores but also cost a small fortune to run.

The game plan was to create 5 different zones to accommodate the varying family needs: a cold zone for mom, a warm room for the older brother, an A/C unit the daughter can use on very warm days, a neutral dining room for family get-togethers, and a living room with adjustable temperatures for movie nights or football games.

The homeowner reached out to other HVAC contractors who could only imagine installing a traditional central air conditioning system that would require major renovations and the contingency of lowering the ceiling height due to bulky ductwork. After much frustration, the homeowner’s friend mentioned our business to them. We had previously done the same type of work in the friend’s condo, and she was very pleased with the results – pleased enough to recommend our trusted team of technicians.

How Did We Fix the Problem?

We removed the old window air conditioning units and installed a 3-zone Mitsubishi ductless mini-split powered by one outdoor Mitsubishi condenser and 3 wall-mounted Mitsubishi ductless units.

This comprehensive system allows the homeowners complete control and creates 5 different temperature zones in the same apartment. The homeowner uses only what they need, and each room can be set at its occupant’s desired temperature. Another benefit is that only one outdoor unit was required, saving space and keeping the installation cost down while maximizing the energy savings.

Why Is Obie Different?

At Obie, we do everything in-house. Most HVAC companies don’t take on these types of projects since they must outsource a general contractor to run the project, a demolition crew to open the walls, an electrician, a painter, and a cleaning crew. Coordinating separate contractors delays the project from start to finish and may become a scheduling nightmare.

All project trades are managed by our company, from beginning to end. No subcontractors. Our painting and repair crews are so talented that you will have a hard time detecting where the repairs took place.

At Obie Comfort Solutions, we take a TOTAL COMFORT approach to keep you cool. Call us at (508) 252-8515 or contact us online for help with similar projects and to find out what we can do for you in Brookline, around Boston, and throughout Massachusetts.