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Looking for a reliable and experienced provider of heating system service and maintenance for your Framingham area property? At Obie Comfort Solutions, we work with clients to ensure the proper operation of HVAC features in their home. If you want to get your homes heater back up and running, we’re your answer. Let us help you take back control of your home’s climate with our heating repair service. Click to view our New Call-to-action page where you can read what other customers have said about us.




How long do these units typically last?

Like any other part of your HVAC system, the heater will only last your for a finite amount of time, and usually this life span will reflect the way that the unit has been used. Constant use can shorten a life span, as can ignoring when the unit needs maintenance. Avoid cutting its typical 10-year lifespan in half by investing in regular maintenance to stay on top of your heaters efficiency.

While heaters have a general life expectancy, it is possible to increase the lifespan of a heater through carrying out regular maintenance procedures. These procedures include regularly changing and cleaning the filter, keeping the coil clean, and controlling the level of moisture in your home’s interior.

How are heaters an important part of the home’s HVAC system?

Keeping your home heated is obviously of vital importance during the winter months. The heater of your home emits heat and therefore, keeps inhabitants of a home comfortable even when temperatures plummet.

There exist quite a few different types of heating systems and heater parts, including central heating, hot water boiler heating systems, electrical heaters, heat pumps, water heaters, and radiators. Without such equipment in your home, the winter months would be both uncomfortable and unhealthy.

When is it time to replace your heater?

There are quite a few different signs that you can pay attention to so that you know when you need to have your heater replaced. First of all, pay attention to your utility bills. If your gas or electric bills have been rising, you might need to replace your heater. Rising utility bills can indicate that the efficiency of your heater is going down, and that your heater is no longer heating your home as reliably as it should.

Other signs that you might need to replace your heater include suspicious noises coming from your equipment and interior air in a home that seems dirty, dry, or dusty. Your heater should be able to operate quietly and maintain clean air in your home while it keeps your home’s temperature comfortable.

If you have additional questions on your home’s heating system, contact us at Obie Comfort Solutions for more information or to schedule a service call. Call us today at (617) 415-1522 and let us answer any of your questions. Click to view the New Call-to-action and specials you can take advantage of.


Furnace Tune-Up


Gas Boiler Tune-up





  Price Club
Cooling $ 150 FREE $ 7.95
Gas Boiler $ 250 FREE $ 14.95
Gas Furnace $ 150 FREE  $ 7.00
Gas Water Heater $ 120 FREE  $ 7.00
Oil Boiler $ 350 FREE  $ 24.95
Oil Furnace $ 250 FREE  $ 12.95
Oil Water Heater $ 180 FREE  $ 8.95
Heat Pump $ 150 FREE  $ 7.95
Humidifier $ 50 FREE  $ 2.95
Air Purifier $ 120 FREE  $ 6.95
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