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Tankless Water Heaters

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Framingham Tankless Water Heater Repair and Installation Services 

Most people are comfortable with their current water heater and haven’t thought about any other system, but switching to a tankless water heater from a large tank can be a lot more beneficial than you might think. This is a change that we’ve seen a lot of homeowners making in their own houses because it helps cut costs each month in terms of their energy bills as well as allowing the home to have hot water in a quicker manner.

Tankless Water Heater installed in Wellesley, MAHTP Tankless Water Heater installed by Obie in Ashland, MA

Photo 2: HTP Water Heater

There are many things that you might want to know before deciding to go with a tankless water heater that can be installed by our experts here at Obie Comfort Solutions in Framingham, MA. Want to see what other homeowners have said about us? Click to visit ourReviewsand testimonials page.

What advantages can you expect from tankless water heaters? 

Due to the nature of tankless water heaters, you can expect a few benefits from owning one of these systems.

  • Size: The small appliance takes up very little room and instantly heats the water inside of its heating appliance. The reason many homeowners are choosing to go with a water heater that is tankless is because it is allowing them to save on space, since large water tanks take up a lot of room.
  • Mobility: Tankless water heaters are small appliances that can actually get attached right to the wall in a garage or basement area. Because of its small size, it’s usually very easy to find a location to place the unit.
  • Energy efficiency: Also, these appliances tend to be more energy efficient in terms of heating the water that will be used. They will only heat water when it has to be used, so energy won’t be wasted on trying to heat water when no one needs it.
What problems can you expect to encounter with traditional units? 

Common water heaters can break down over time due to the water that’s degrading the unit from the inside out. Because of this, many people who have normal water heating tanks are finding that they are dealing with electrical issues concerning the unit.

The heating coils inside of the tank might not be working the way that they should, and this is not allowing the water inside of the tank to heat up the way that it should be when it is going to be used.

Many people also find that larger tanks have a tendency to leak and crack as they begin to get a little older. Leaking water is a problem for the tank, but this can actually affect the surrounding areas and lead to even bigger issues.

Why should we be your choice? 

Water heaters have a lot of components to them, and it is very relieving to know that our experts here atObie Comfort Solutions in Framingham, MA will be able to provide this type of installation work for you. You will be able to easily have a tankless water heater installed and rerouted from an older and much larger tank that you once had. We have the skilled technicians who will do their absolute best to ensure that your new water heater is put in correctly, and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

We can install your new tankless water heater and have it up and running in no time at all, all you have to do is give us a call at (617) 415-1522 and schedule your first service call. Click to view our New Call-to-action.


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