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Water Heater Repair & Installation

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Framingham Water Heater Repair & Installation Services 

Having a water heater in the home is absolutely essential to ensure that you and your family have the comfort you deserve. Traditional water heaters are relatively large tanks that use the cold water coming from your well or city supply to heat up for use in the home. Other homes are equipped with tankless water heaters, which require different attention. Your water heater enables you to have hot, comfortable water at virtually any time that you need it when running taps in the house.

Boiler Installed in Framingham, MA

Even though water heaters are great appliances to have, they can break down and have issues from time to time just like any other appliance. Our experts here at Obie Comfort Solutions in Framingham, MA will be able to remedy these problems for you in a timely fashion. If you’d like to see what other customers are saying about our water heater installation or repair services, and other services like it, click to visit our New Call-to-action and testimonials page.

How long do water heaters usually last? 

The lifespan of your water heater is dependent on more than just what it says on the box. Your water heater can last for many years to come if it is kept in good condition and has been installed new. On average, units last around ten years, good maintenance can push this by several years. Units that are getting closer to the ten-year mark will begin to experience several obvious problems.

For most homes and families, the amount of time your water heater is going to last also depends on how often water is used in the home. Usually larger families or homes use more water, so units in these won’t last as long as those in smaller homes.

What problems can you expect to see? 

When it comes to your home’s water heater, you may begin to see problems with it over time. One sign that your water heater is slowly failing is going to be a loss of hot water. The water might start feeling lukewarm at best, and this could be a sign that the heating coils inside of the tank are no longer working to full capacity. The telltale sign that a water heater is no longer working is if it stops producing hot water altogether. More technical issues concerning your water heater could be:

  • Leaks
  • Rust
  • Strange noises
  • High water bill
What are the benefits of timely repairs and replacements? 

Timely water heater repairs and replacements ensure that you and your family will not go very long without hot water. Living in a home that only has cold water can be a major issue, especially when it comes to bathing and showering.

When you get your water heater repaired or replaced at the first sign of an issue, you will not have to live days or weeks without hot water. The problem that a lot of homeowners have is that they put off repairing a deteriorating tank until it is too far gone to fix. If you contact our professionals here at Obie Comfort Solutions in Framingham, MA when you notice an issue, we can help to repair the tank before it needs to be replaced entirely. If the tank cannot be repaired, we will be able to replace it quickly and get your home back up and running in no time.

Call us today at (617) 415-1522 and learn about what problems our services can help you solve. Let us help you repair or replace your water heater before you’re stuck paying for the result of its constant malfunctions. Click to view the New Call-to-action and specials you can take advantage of.


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